Gen. Al-Atta: TMC will not be subject to political blackmail

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Khartoum, June 14, SPA (SANA) - The Deputy Chairman of the Political Committee at the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Gen. Yassir Al-Atta has stressed that TMC will not be subject to a political blackmail, regional or other pressures. He revealed, at the press conference held by the Political Committee at the Republican Palace Thursday evening, the TMC monitoring to sedition plots inside the military system, polarization and recruitment for specific purposes as well as systematic targeting to dismantle the security services in the country.  Gen. Al-Atta said that the Transitional Military Council was keen to confront any counter-revolutionary action in order to enable it to achieve its objectives along with the establishment of a commission and law for the elections as well as the drafting of a permanent constitution leading to the reform of the state and fighting corruption. On the other hand, the spirit of exclusion, coercion and threat of escalation prevailed at the other party.  The Deputy Chairman of the Political Committee also explained that the conditions set by the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces did not concern the military council at all, hoping creation of a positive atmosphere for the negotiation process to make it reaches its goals, adding that the conditions of Freedom and Change Alliance represent barricades before the negotiation.  Gen. Al-Atta accused circles at the extreme left and other represents remnants of the former regime of obstructing the process of negotiation and spoiling of any agreement that achieves public satisfaction.