Economist calls for review of investment act and institutional reform

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Medani, June 23 (SUNA) – An Economic Expert and Professor at the Gezira University’s Faculty of Economics and Rural Development Dr. Al- Zein Abdullah Ahmed the need to review the investment laws and labor methods of the relevant government institutions to attract international institutions to invest in vital sectors such as agriculture, mining, energy, roads and construction besides the reform of the banking system to cope with the developments at the global level in terms of legislation, regulations, technologies. He pointed out to the importance to develop a program for the shift from the random activity of gold mining to official activity enables the state to control this strategic product. Dr. Ahmed pointed out, in a statement to SUNA, to the importance of implementing an integrated plan to develop the stock market in order to mobilize the necessary financial resources to expand the investment and develop a plan to make Khartoum a global market for strategic commodities (gold, sesame, cotton and gum arabic), in addition to the establishment of an economic unit at the office of the Prime Minister tasked to follow up the implementation of the programs, reform plans and government bodies to avoid without conflicts.