Humanitarian Aid: UNAMID's Exit Proceeds Smoothly

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Al- Fasher, July 22 (SUNA) The Coordinator of the Humanitarian Aid in North Darfur state, Ibrahim Ahmed Hamid, has indicated that the gradual exit of the UNAMID, which began in 2017 under UN Resolutions 2363 and 2429, has included military and police forces, civilian personnel and the evacuation of more than ten locations.

 In statement to SUNA Hamid said that the exit proceeds smoothly and did not have any negative effects on the security and humanitarian situation in the state, noting that the federal government and state governments have worked in coordination with the United Nations through technical committees to lock sites that were evacuated and convert it to civilian purposes.

He added that the decision of the gradually exit of the mission from the state, until to reach the final exit next year was based on the positive indicators achieved in the processes of peace building and stability in Darfur, pointing out that the remaining tasks of the mission, which is to build a sustainable peace in Darfur through early recovery and the provision of services will be transferred to the agencies of the UN operating in Darfur.

The Coordinator of Humanitarian Aid revealed that the  UNAMID mission, the government and the UN agencies working in the State are currently coordinating the continuation of the programs and projects that  the UNAMID had begun to implement in the service, development and humanitarian sectors,  through those agencies, indicating that all the budgets allocated by the UN to those projects and programs will be transferred to these agencies, along with some of the competent staff who worked with UNAMID in order to continue the implementation of these programs through the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the International Organization for Migration (UNIOM), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations development program ( UNDP) and the World Food Program (WFP).

In this regard, Hamid has called for the necessity to use the recent $ 250 million donated by the mission in providing essential services to the areas of voluntary return of the displaced persons in Darfur to contribute in the sustainability of the return.


Hamid has noted to the timely announcement  of the donation which coincides with the start of the rainy season that witnesses a seasonal return of  the displaced people, stressing that  is a good opportunity to support basic services  to avoid set back  to the  voluntary return.

The Coordinator of Humanitarian Aid has stressed the need for continued close coordination between the relevant ministries in Darfur state and the U N’s agencies to implement the remaining UNAMID humanitarian, service and development projects, considering that the relevant ministries are concerned with the implementation and the development of the national and federal plans that support the issues of peace and final stability.