President Bashir honors the 10th collective wedding of the NISS staffers

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El Obied, North Kordufan, 8 March (SUNA) - The president of the Republic, Field Marshal Omar Bashir, on Thursday honored the collective wedding of the staffers of the National Security and Intelligence Service (NISS) The president attended the festival of the wedding known as the Zawaj Al Baraka (the blessed wedding) which was also witnessed by a number of minister and state ministers as well as the Director General of NISS LT Gen Salah Gosh. The president also inaugurated the housing project of the NISS staffers, which comprised 118 households. Gen. Gosh has pointed out in his address before the carnival that the collective wedding of the NISS was supervised by a higher committee which so far was able to organize ten event and that it would continue its work until a one thousands wedding for those affiliated have been organized. He said the policy behind the collective wedding is to create the environment of stability for the staff and to create a climate for better performance among the staff as family remains a stabilizing factor and a nucleus for production. He said NISS pays special attention to the family and the community at large. Gen Gosh pledged that NISS shall remain in the service of the Grand National issues and protection of the homeland against any threats, saboteurs of national economy and that it would support the government efforts for increasing production and productivity. The Director of the NISS in North Kordufan state, Brigadier, Kamil Hassab El Rasool, said this group include 114 couples from NISS. He said the move is to be seen within the NISS efforts seeking family stability for its affiliates. MA/MA