Madani: Imminent policies for gold production and trade

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Khartoum, October 8 (Khartoum) – The Minister of Industry and Trade Madani Abbas Madani has announced upcoming policies in the field of gold production and trade. In the program (Dialogue of the Future) aired on the Blue Nile channel on Monday evening, Madani revealed that strict measures would be adopted to review the records of suppliers and exporters as well as tightening administrative and popular control over markets with the participation of citizens. The minister stressed the importance of enacting a law to protect national industries, referring to the country huge potentials which did not find appropriate planning, revealing that the new reforms will begin with policies and governance to stimulate production and exports, pointing out that the ministry has formed committees to review commercial records and scrutinize the papers of importers and exporters. Madani added that there was coordination with the relevant authorities to control the border to combat the smuggling of goods to neighboring countries, underlining the activation of the consumer protection law as well as the amendments that have been approved to combat smuggling and allow thev state intervention in favor of the producer and the consumer. The Minister of Trade asserted the need to activate the organized border trade, explaining that economic integration can occur between Khartoum and Juba can. The minister said that the industry associated with the production areas was at the top priorities of the transitional government, adding that the policy of economic liberalization does not mean chaos and the price labels will be fixed on commodities to prevent lawlessness in the markets, assuring activation of the consumer protection law to besiege the greed of traders.