Expert urges setting up higher economic planning council

2019-10-08 19:20:17.000 | view 315 | share : |

Khartoum, October 8 (SUNA) - The Expert in the Field of Electronic Commerce Dr. Osama Mohamed Osman Hamad has called for the establishment of a higher council for economic planning including the Ministries of Finance, Industry, Trade, Agriculture, Investment, Tourism and the Central Bank of Sudan to be responsible for drawing up the state's economic plan, to follow up the implementation of the economic vision and the roles of supervision and coordination to be shared by those parties. Dr. Hamad said, in statement to SUNA, that the strategy of building the economy depends not only on the policies of the Central Bank, but also on the reform of the state structure as a whole and that the economic sector is part of this structure being affected and influenced by the other sectors. Regarding the exchange rate, Dr. Hamad suggested that currency exchange offices be licensed to work at all levels, currency purchase and sale should be made publicly and naturally and that bank accounts should be opened in foreign currency. He referred to the experience of Malaysia, Turkey and China in which the currency exchange offices are licensed and being found everywhere and in different sizes, adding that this practice will facilitate the circulation process, stressing that these exchange offices must have external branches through banks or directly away from security and political interference.