RIF Foil smuggling of 154 victims of human trafficking

2018-09-08 17:44:35.000 | view 567 | share : |

Jaili, Sept.8 (SUNA) - The Rapid Intervention Forces prevented the smuggling of 154 victims of illegal immigration and human trafficking in the Triangle area on the border between Sudan, Egypt and Libya.

  Colonel Dr. Othman Abu Al-Qassim, Director of the Department of Guidance and Services of the RIF, Colonel Dr. Othman Abu Al-Qassim, told SUNA that the group, which are now transferred to Jaili Camp, moved from the Malha area to Libya, most of them aged 22 to 26. Most of them are Sudanese and some of them belong to Arab nationalities.

He underlined that the preliminary investigations indicate their belonging to terrorist organizations and negative movements, pointing out that the RIF during the past few years had foiled thwart eight attempts of human tradfficking

. He added that the RIF will remain vigilant to the borders of the country and vigilance in the performance of duty and keen to abide by international conventions and human values ​​that care for the rights of the victims as they were treated humanely, stressing that the RIF will continue to spread in all The borders of the country to combat negative phenomena and the smuggling of arms, drugs and human trafficking.