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Confidential Bulletin

Confidential Bulletin

Special bulletin: limited distribution

News service (special) issued by (SUNA) every morning to decision-making bodies including political, executive , military, security, economic and planning circles addition to research and studies centers. It carries news, articles and press releases published on Sudan issues in international news agencies and internet sites as well as negative news about brotherly and friendly countries to provide feedback to decision makers.

The Bulletin aims at :

  • Briefing officials on everything that is published by the international media about the events and developments in Sudan.
  • Sudan's internal and external policies and its positions and development on the current events.
  • Providing the decision-makers with daily news summary around the clock from dozens of Arab and foreign news sites , research centers and Strategic Studies both in English and Arabic languages and follow -up what is published by them to save their time and enable them to follow up-to-date events and to take initiatives and actions that will help them in their daily work.

Chapters : Bulletin is divided into chapters to provide comprehensive coverage, namely:

  1. Sudan news in the international media
  2. News of Sudan in the Arab and international press.
  3. News on brotherly and friendly countries.
  4. Opinions and analysis
  5. Summary of the most important local news
  6. Summary of the most important international news
  7. Summary of the most important headlines of the local newspapers

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1 An electronic copy - 2000
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To contact :

  • Phone : 0912964808 ، 0118597939
  • E-mail : suna.bullettin@gmail.com