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Sudan News Agency

Historical Background:

The decision establishing the Sudan News Agency (SUNA) was made on January 1sr, 1970 in an address by former president Jafaar Nemeiri at Obeid town on the occasion of the country’s Independence Day. SUNA was officially launched during the second anniversary of the May Revolution in 1971. On September 21, 1970, the news agency issued its first bulletin in both Arabic and English languages. The first act of SUNA was issued on 19.11. 1973. It was followed by a number of acts for the news agency. When the Public Corporations Act, 2003 was issued, SUNA had to cope with it by canceling its act of 1998 and issuing a memorandum of association in compliance of the Public Corporations Act. The Council of Ministers approved Memorandum of Association of Sudan News Agency Public Corporation on 11.2.2011. A number of new services were then added by SUNA such as video service. The objectives and powers of SUNA can be summarized in gathering text, audio and video news and information from inside and outside Sudan and their processing and dissemination internally and abroad in a manner that serves the interests of the country.


SUNA has been witnessing great technological advances since its establishment. It was able to expand its activities in news and information gathering to cover all regions of the Sudan via a radio telecommunication network and then a computerized network. The news agency introduced the MENOS (Multi-media Exchange of News over Satellite) system in 2010 to expand its news exchange network internally and externally and accommodate new services such as video.

SUNA Today:

Currently SUNA is composed of three integrated sectors; top of them is the Editorial Sector and then there are two assisting sectors, which are the Technical and Engineering Sector and the Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector.

SUNA Videos:

In its drive to shift to multi-media (text, audio and video) services, SUNA has established a studio and a hall for montage and production for recording of documentary information and films and interview programmes. As part of this, a state-of-the art newsroom has been set up with 52 computer stations linked with the Internet.

The Correspondents:

SUNA news services cover all the 15 northern states around the clock through a network of correspondents stationed at the headquarters of the states and their localities, who are linked with SUNA Head Office in Khartoum via the MENOS Network. The news agency has also some 23 correspondents in the countries of the world, covering Europe, Asia and Arab and African countries.

News Exchange:

SUNA contributed to the establishment and boosting of a number of Arab and African news agencies, such as the Pan African News Agency (PANA). It also maintains more than 50 bilateral cooperation agreements with the international and regional news agencies in the domains of news and information exchange, technical field and training.