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Sudan Ambassador to Tunisia: Agreements between Two Countries Pave Way for Real Integration

Khartoum, Mar. 23 (SUNA)- Sudan Ambassador to Tunisia, Al-Obeid Ahmed Muraweh, pointed out that the signing of 22 documents for cooperation by the end of the meetings of the joint Sudanese - Tunisian higher committee pave the way for establishing firm relations and would be conducive to initiating... More

Ambassador Murawah: Sudan Tunisia agreements set foundation for bilateral integration

Khartoum, March 23 (SUNA)- The Sudan ambassador to Tunisia, Obaid Murawah, stated that the signing of 22 agreements, protocols and MOUs between Sudan and Tunisia as well as the meetings of the businessmen, would set the foundation for a real economic integration between the two sides. The ambassador... More

President Al-Bashir Issues Provisional Decree on Public Prosecution Law

Khartoum, Mar. 23 (SUNA)- President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir, has issued a provisional decree on the Public Prosecution Act for the year 2017, which is shall be enforced as of the date of its signing. In a press statement, the Attorney General, Omer Ahmed Mohamed, said that the provisional... More

Minister of Minerals, Governor of CBOS announce new policies for purchase and export of gold

Khartoum, Mar.23(SUNA)-Minister of Minerals, Dr Ahmed Mohamed Al-Sadiq Al-Karuri unveiled adoption of new policies for gold purchase and export, accordingly companies are allowed to export 50% of their production and freely dealing with the revenues while selling the remaining 50% to the Central... More

Tunisian Premier Concludes Visit to Sudan

Khartoum, March.23 (SUNA) - The Tunisian Prime Minister, Yousef Al-Shahid has concluded a two day-visit to Sudan during which he had bilateral talks with the First Vice-President and National Prime Minister, General, Bakri Hassan Saleh on sphere of cooperation between the two countries . The Tunisian... More

Foreign Ministry Condemns Terrorist Act before British Parliament

Khartoum, Mar. 23 (SUNA)- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has strongly condemned the terrorist attack that happened before the British Parliament on Wednesday, March 22, and culminated lives of several innocent people, describing this incident as a crime that violated all the human values and principles. In... More