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Sisi, review the Current Political Situation and calls all Political Groups to correspond on a program for political reform.

2017-03-23 11:13:00 AM
Khartoum,15,3,2017,(SUNA)- In a transparent interview , Chairman of Liberation Party and member of High Committee of Implement National Dialogue outcome Dr. Tijani Sisi , spoke on Dialogue between Sudanese political parties nowadays and expressed that The frequent of Parties , are not good sign and called all parties to correspond on the political reform program, which could be able to cope with program of state reform :- How do you estimate the current political situation , particular in what related to dialogue issue? A: It is the important period in Sudan history,...

Secretary general Dr. Isa : International welcome  for joining Sudan to International World Organization"WOT" , as Media‘s role is important

2017-03-13 01:49:00 PM
Khartoum , 9,13,2017,(SUNA)- World Trade Organization (W T O) is an intergovernmental organization which regulates international trade. Sudan News Agency conducted interview with Secretary general of Sudan legation of joining  to "W T O" Dr. Yassin Isa to speak about  process of joining and the benefits:- Q: First,    would you give us background on Sudan previous steps to  join WTO?  A: This file began early since 1994 when Sudan submitted  a memorandum as sovereign state  want to be member in the organization and then principal memorandum of Foreign Trade System in 1999. Teamwork...