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Britain Ambassador to Sudan : it was very successful event - Sudan has to be the best place in the world for solar power -Migration is a fact and natural thing but……. - Sudanese should be proud to be African and be Arab

Khartoum,14,12,2017-(SUNA)- Relations between Sudan and UK return to long years ago. Although some fragility in last years, but a notable progress is going on. U .K ambassador to Sudan Michael Aron who returned yesterday after participating in activities of Sudanese -Britain Economic Forum in London two days ago, spoke frankly to Sudan News agency on bilateral relations between two countries and its aspects in future.

** Thanks His Excellency ambassador, for the opportunity. In beginning we want to know the fresh news in relations between Sudan and UK in frame of convene the Sudanese-British investment forum?
*it was very successful event which addressed in opening and end secession by foreign affairs minister Prof. Ibrahiem Gandour and excellent participation from the UK private sector . We discussed whole arranged issues to trade and investment in Sudan.

**So, shall will we hear good news about that ?
Yes, so I think as in said in my opening remarks, was that we have over the last two years working , spent a lot time working to improve the bilateral relationship between UK and Sudan , because when I arrived the relationship was very bad but I and Professor Gandour who also was newcomer as the foreign affairs minister in 2015 ,who graduated from England thought also relationship should be better .we had agreed to work together as I said in my remarks , I think in a number various we can see real progress in against our objective things , improving relationship and improving something we can concerned about in relation to peace and human rights situation and stability.

**relations between two countries deep and has long history in addition it connected with economic benefits….. How do you estimate that?

* What I said again in the conference, UK exports to Sudan are one hundred million Sterling. It is very low. And when we have Visited from department International trade coming to Sudan looking at invest , they said UK can exporting a billion to Sudan, ten time it is much , so we need to come at and also there is very little British investment in Sudan at the moment . But in Egypt, UK is the largest international investors and in Kenya there are big Britain companies employing thousands of Kenyans in high productive jobs and we want to see that in Sudan as well. So the exception are there top quality British company in Sudan like British companies are working here in Sudan such as( G C P) which provide this big yellow machines, particular for mining sector And I mentioned to bio -water project Al -manar as water treatment plant, which provides fantastic water to hundred of thousand people in north Omdurman and necessary kind of public - private sectors partnership which we think that the U k is expert at and could be very refinishers to the Sudanese companies.

**Private sector in Sudan is essential pivot in field of international corporation… how is the relation with Britain private sector and what are methods of strengthen it in future؟

*Absolutely, I think we have seen in both private sectors in both sides. I talk to many Sudanese private sectors companies, as al -nifedee, DAL Group and we know the private UK companies would like to work with them and similarly we can see more and more interest from private sector companies in UK are interesting in coming here and doing business for example in energy we have two real fantastic companies have been coming last year are exploring options for solar power Sudan has to be the best place in the world for solar power , but you do not see it.so we think it is a big opportunity in Red sea and kssla and some other places in Sudan to produce and utilize from solar power . More recently ( AGRAKO) is very impressive British company is looking at power stations in difficult place to get to in al -fasher for example , Al-fola and in Port-Sudan. There are real opportunities in private sector we are noticed that in the conference there are many companies come to find out about Sudan and expressed interest in coming to see what they can do that

**** Sudan owns various natural sources and kinds of raw materials but we doesn't find big Britain investments …what are the reasons in your opinion ?

* Absolutely of course , UK was involved in the beginning of" Kenana Company " and has been strong partner of Kenana Sugar company for many years and we would like to continue and develope that partnership . " Kenana " was sponses of foremen London. I visited Kennan plant and White Nile Sugar factory. what we has last week is the visit of Chief economist of " D I F D" and it was very useful visit in October meeting . we said what exactly we can do to help you to improve and to help economic reform and one of the things Sudanese wanted was expert visit by a senior official economist to come and talk to ministers and identify the option for making progress. what the chief economist said was , " you have two choices for reform economy " . you could at look to continue be astrictive economy , you can look at agriculture product , gold , and oil. But this real can taken things in the ground and selling them and he said that there is a lot African countries is going down in this road and provide some quick successes but he said the alternative is to use the skills of your people to create real economy and this what the stagey country done. It may take more time and may be much more long-term growth . we can continue this discussion with the government because you have fantastic human resource . we talk about the agriculture , the mining . for me , I think the strongest thing about Sudan is the Human resource and I think you need to develop that to create economy.

**What about outputs of the recent visit by the Britain international Trade delegation to Sudan ?

*Actually we have two visits by department of the international trade . they have restructured. They now have an African team lead from South Africa and east African teams coms from Tanzania both visits are really impressed for the opportunities. We are looking what we are work , because in the moment there is no presence for the department of international trade here in Sudan and we very much hope they will come . we are working very hard , the team in the embassy but we need more resolve more to make full advantages of the opportunities available here in Sudan.

**In frame of your `country efforts for stability and peace in Sudan… what about that and the recent one in this regard ?

*we did this conference Al mostly efforts about economy in Sudan but they talk about politic issues also. it isn't possible to separate politics from economics , they are completely related . without progress on peace process , without progress in stability, and without improving human rights and the investment climate it is worthy to be in economic side , they very closely related today Prof Gandaor spoke with official counterparts about region issues and we see eye to eye and talk about Yemen , south Sudan , Nile water and Renascence Dam . they had good discussion about some region issues and I think we continue work with Sudanese government so we can cooperate here in the region

**Sudan pays great attention to topic of " Human Trafficking" are there coordination between Sudan and UK to combat these dangerous phenomenon?

*As you know migration is very important issue in Europe and in UK in particular and we do have number of migrants are coming trough Sudan and from Sudan to UK. Migration is a fact and it is a natural which thing happens thought the history and across the world but it important to happen then in acceptable condition . so we do not want to see people in trafficking or smuggle and we are deep very concerned about issues around modern slavery. So for all these reasons we think it is important to cooperate with the government of Sudan to provide training and capacity building to help ministry of justice , Police to improve their capacities to deal with these things in acceptable human ways and the migrants themselves are treated fairly.

**What is the amount from UK technical support in arenas of human rights, refuges and climate change as hot topics nowadays??

*that is right , on environment, we have program called Adapt of ten 10 million dollar with UNEP (United Nation Environment Program) are working with ministry of environment . we work with Sudan within national Action plan to help Sudan very real response . to the Pares conference Sudan can be a leader to combat climate change. climate change have real bad dangerous impact in Sudan. In field of human Rights .Professor was very clear said that Sudan is working in this area . he said the situation in this recent year with war and lack of stability made challenging but he committed. and we have a big part of dialogue to look how can we help Sudan improving Human rights record we will continue to provide assistance in this field .

** In news , Sudan and UK signed Understanding memo for military cooperation and exchange experiences … what is the importance of the agreement?
*the agreement was quit narrow. the agreement we are planning for the Exercises which took place in jebet couple weeks ago . annual exercise for east Africa standby force . UK has a training center in Kenya which provide training particularly to the participants this force . four members of British Peace Supporting visited for the exercises and purpose of Memorandum- Understanding was for them to come here as part of the exercises. But more generally in the defense engagement side, we have small each program about four hundred thousand pound where to provide training mostly though the military college to members of the Sudanese armed forces in particular to help them understand the laws and to understand the importance of the Humanitarian Law because we feel they are very keen improve understanding in this area and we bring out renowned internationally experts from UK who able to give courses in military academe to all levels of the Sudanese armed forces to help them understand better the international humanitarian law , so we think that is important issue to make.

Sudan is the Gate to African continent … how do you evaluate effect of that on relations between Sudan and UK??

*UK has a long history in Africa . As we see Sudan was the beginning was in sub Sahara in Africa. but also have strong relationship with middle east and north Africa. As an Arabic speaker , I studied Arabic in university I think it more Arabic country, I know that people coming from south are from Africa. I think that the big advantages that Sudan have is this diversity which I was pleased to see it discussed in the National Dialogue to empathies discussion around identity and discussing what is the Sudanese identity and how can benefit the huge diversity which we have here I think you should be proud to be African and be Arab