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Hemaidti: Sudan is One of Biggest Countries in Combat of Smuggling and Human Trafficking

Khartoum, Jan. 8 (SUNA) The Commander of the Rapid Support Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Dalogo (Hemaidti), said that Sudan is currently regarded as the biggest country with regard to combating smuggling, human trafficking, illegal immigration, extremism and the weapons smuggling thanks to the deployment of the Rapid Support Forces at all the borders areas with the neighboring countries.
At a press conference he held Sunday in Omdurman following arrival of 115 arrested smugglers and four double-cabin pick up vehicles which had been used for gold smuggling.
He said that the smugglers were arrested by the Rapid Support Forces at desert areas at the border between Sudan and Libya while they were leaving for Libya, indicating that the arrested smugglers will be delivered to the Ministry of Interior for completing the procedure against them.
Maj. Gen. Hemaidti announced that the Rapid Support Forces have arrested more than 1,500 smugglers since May 2016.
He called on the international community to lift the unjust blockade from Sudan, stressing that the blockade has harmed all the society sectors in Sudan.
He asserted that the Rapid Support Forces is exerting great efforts in combating smuggling and illegal immigration, especially that these crimes are being committed in desert.
Hemaidti said that the Rapid Support Forces has sacrificed a number of martyrs and injured men.
He stressed that the international community shall be aware that Sudan is one of the countries that are engaged in combating human trafficking and the illegal immigration, and therefore the international community is required to lift the blockade and to cancel the economic sanctions.