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A decrease in the watery Diarrhea in Gazira State

Medani, 10 Jan. (SUNA)- The Minister of Health in Gazira State, Dr Imadd Eddin Al Jak, has confirmed that there is a huge decline in the cases of watery dihorra in the state and that cases that reached the quarantine ward in the hospital up to Tuesday the 10th of Jan were only three cases.

He said the total number of cases in the quarantine ward now stands at 10 cases, of which three were past cases and only seven are fresh cases.

He added that all cases were coming from the greater Madani locality, stressing that all intravenous solutions were available for the treatment of the cases and that there is a strict campaign now on handling of foods in the state beside a wide campaign of cleaning and garbage disposal.

The Minister predicted that the coming few days would witness a total eclipse of the watery dihorra and return of situation to normalcy.