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National Assembly Approves two Agreements, Hears Report on Rapid Support Forces Draft bill in General Features Stage

Khartoum, Jan.11 (SUNA) - The National Assembly, chaired by its Speaker Prof. Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, approved Wednesday an agreement on establishment of the joint Sudanese - Palestinian ministerial committee for the year 2016 and another agreement between Sudan and the Aran Union for Investment and Estate Development for the year 2016 .
The Parliament, in the same sitting, heard a report of its Defence and Security Committee on the bill on Rapid Support Forces Act for the year 2016 in the general features stage which was presented by the committee's chairman, Gen. Ahmed Imam Al-Tuhami.
Gen. Al-Tuhami said the law includes seven chapters and 25 articles, adding that it aims to establishment of the Rapid Support Forces, an affiliate of the Armed Forces that works under the command of the Commander in-Chief of the Armed Forces, describing these forces as regular national military forces .
The committee stated that the act aims to realizing the general interest and enabling the Rapid Support Forces to support the Army in protecting the national sovereignty, respond to emergency issues and to defend the country against internal and external threats.
The MPs affirmed that the act comes on the right time, lauding the Rapid Support forces for their role in supporting the Armed Forces, especially at dispute areas.