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A Republican decree forming the Higher Press Council

Khartoum, 16 Feb (SUNA) - The President of the Republic Omar Bashir has issued a Republican decree on the formation of the Higher Press Council to be chaired by the First Vice President Bakri Hassan Saleh.

The Council will draw the general press and information policies in the country and follow up their implementation, securing freedom of expression and upholding the lofty values while at the same time propose legislations and regulation on media and press in the country.

The Council will also provide consultancy, on all that concern press and upholding the commitment to the constitution and at the same time see to it that any differences between the various media and press association and see to their cooperation within the public interests, includes a number of senior media and press experts.

The alternate chair of the council is Ibrahim Mahmoud, the Assistant of the President of the Republic.

The Council also works to follow up the media performance and take the required measure to ensure the best possible performance, improving the image of the council and prepare and submit regular report on the matter to the Presidency of the Republic.