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Sadiq Mahdi: national interests surpasses partisan gains

Khartoum, 16 Feb (SUNA) - The Chairman of the Umma National Party, Sadiq Mahdi, on Thursday paid a visit to the Green Belt area of the Western Khartoum rural area where he planted a tree within the project aimed to erect a green belt surrounding the national capital, under the supervision of Gen Omar Nimir, the Chairman of the Supreme Council for Environment, Urban and Rural Development in Khartoum State.

The ambassador of Norway, Director of the African Development Bank, and Director General of the National Corporation on Forests, Coordinator of the Popular Defense Forces in Um Bada Locality as well as member of the Trade Chamber Samia Shibou, also attended and participated in the activity.

Mahdi has pointed out that national interests supersede any partisan interests. He said desertification is actually the cancer of the epoch and that the mission of securing a good future for the future generations is serious challenge indeed.

Mahdi expressed his hope that all people will take part in this project irrespective of their political or partisan affiliations, as this challenge is the greatest that faces the country.

He underlined the need for planting trees at homes and maintaining the green cover, saying that he hopes that those who hold gun would carry a green seedling to plant in its place

Nimir has meanwhile expressed his convict ion that this was a national project in which all people should participate regardless of their affiliation.