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Prof. Ibin Aouf reviews merits, hazards of communication sector on consumers

Khartoum, 13 March (SUNA)- Professor Mirghani Osman bin Aouf, the Member of the Board of Directors of the Consumers Protection Council, has referred to the digital technology as having its pros and cons vis-à-vis the consumers, depending on the development and progress of the community in question.

Professor Ibin Aouf, the Chair of the Economic and Social Governance Committee, reviewed in a paper he presented about the Communication Sector, the Economic and Social governance and the Social Responsibilities, the merits of communications which he said open up doors of trade and bring in hard currency of the government, attracting foreign investment and revive the economic and the livelihood of the local communities.

Professor Ibin Aouf has further stressed in the Forum organized by the Sudanese Consumers Protection Society, the communication and digital technology are nowadays used to spy on individuals and on states, and violate their privacy.

He said these means are also used to encourage plotting against states and nations and to cultivate and nourish terrorism institutions at the local, regional and global levels.

He said in the Sudan there is little accountability against the communication companies and that some companies fail to observe and respond to complaints by the consumers and that it was imperative to build confidence between these companies and the consumers of services.

He stressed the need to revise the policies related to the communication sectors and to see whether they are compatible with the economic and social governance and the social responsibilities.

He said people should be enlightened about the opportunities provided by the communication in education, health and social insurance, the opportunities for economic and social research, training and other opportunities among other aspects.