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Khartoum Social Development Minister commends the resolve of persons with disability

Khartoum, 14 March (SUNA)- The Minister for Social Development in Khartoum State, Dr. Amal Al Bakri al Baili, has stressed that the year 2016 will bear so many good omen for the disabled person in the country, referring to the approval of the law for persons with disability , the first in Sudan's history.

The minister has promised while addressing the meeting of the conference of persons with disability which was convened in Khartoum's Kalakla areas, in Jabal Awlia locality, that she would double her efforts to see to it that the laws is applied.

She said the law was a landmark and that if applied it would help better the status of the persons with disability.

She said according to this law the persons with disability have to be represented the council of the persons with disability to 50% along with the Ministers and other officials.

She said this would also mean observing all the due rights of the persons with disability as enshrined in the international conventions and agreements, employment and creating of a work environment friendly to persons with disability, meeting their demands and expanding their rights and opportunities for a dignified livelihood.

She encouraged the persons with disability to join the production cycle and to participate in public life.

The commissioner of Jabal Awlia locality Jalal Eddin al Sheikh Al Tayeb has meanwhile announced his backing for the persons with disability and backing them in the implementation of their various projects and programmes

The meeting was taking place within the activities of the social Secretariat of the National Congress Party in Khartoum state, and as part of the accompanying activities.