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Dr Bilal, Spokesman: Sudan history be revisited

Khartoum, 19 March (SUNA)- The Minister of Information and the official spokesman of the government, Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, has stressed that many of the written textbooks about the history of the Sudan people now read, do not in actual fact reflect the true entity of the country.

Bilal has stressed that there is a need to reconsider those textbooks and to reexamine the written history a new, calling for revisiting the history of the country with an open mind.

He said the Sudanese nation remains one of the greatest nations with preserved history.

The Minister who was addressing the start of the campaign about Sonar the Capital of the Islamic Culture for the year 2017, Bilal has underlined the vital role to be played by the media in this respect, saying this event should be a point of start forwards.

He said the ancient civilization started in the Sudan and then moved forwards. He said the Sonar Islamic Kingdom was in fact a reaction and a compensation for the demise of Andalusia which the Muslims lost at the time.

Mohamed Yusuf Al Digair, the Minister of Culture and Tourism in Khartoum state, has pointed out that Khartoum represents the northern corner of the Sonar Islamic state at the time.

He said Sonar stood for the Sudanese entity that people were looking for.