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Dr. Gholamuddin calls for new policies for expatriates

Khartoum, April 18 (SUNA) - The Secretary General of the National Fund for Housing and Development Dr. Gholamuddin Osman has urged for adopting new principles that encourage expatriates and serve their families, pointing out that the country's policies in the past were not encouraging for expatriates and it was the high time to change them.
At the press conference held Tuesday on the premises of the Sudanese Organ of the Sudanese Working Abroad Affairs on the occasion of the signing a memorandum of cooperation among the fund, the organ and the Saraya company, Dr. Gholamuddin urged the organ to pursue with the concerned parties to allow the workers who have a desire to work outside Sudan to retain their jobs in the country similar to the practice of other countries which encourage expatriation in order to attract additional financial resources and expertise to their countries and does not cancel their jobs.
Dr. Gholamuddin suggested linking the expatriates to the Sudanese banks and making the banking dealing attractive for fulfilling their various interests through taking advantage of the experiences of other countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and others, which encourage their nationals working abroad to deal with banks to provide them shelter, cars and essential needs for their families and in convenient installments.
He called for the organ to tighten the follow-up the expatriates abroad through the communities and mechanisms to get acquainted with the conditions and progress they made in the implementation of their goals for which they were migrated as well as the challenges and problems to find ways to address them and achieve the objectives desired for the individuals and the State in this regard.