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Joint Communique following the Sudanese Egyptian talks in Khartoum

Khartoum, 20 April (SUNA)- Sudan and Egypt on Thursday issued a joint communique at the end of the meeting of the joint political committee, in Khartoum, Sudan in which the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Affairs, professor Ibrahim Ghandour and his Egyptian counterpart, Shurki Samih, underlined their resolve to continue their efforts for fostering and cementing the relations at all levels.

The joint communique pointed out that the two ministers held a round of talks in Khartoum on Thursday the 20th of April 2017, the Sudanese side headed by the Minister of Foreign Relations Professor Ibrahim Ghandour and the Egyptian side headed by Samih Shukri.

It said the meeting kicked off by a statement from the Sudanese Minister of Foreign Relations, Ghandour, who welcomed the Egyptian delegation and briefed them on the current development in the Sudan and the outcome of the National Dialogue and its outcomes aimed at achieving the national accord in the country.

The Egyptian Minister in his statement, the joint communique said, touched on the depth of the joint relations between the Sudan and Egypt pointing out in this respect to the strength of the joint relations ad that this meeting was an opportunity to further boost the mechanisms of coordination between the two countries and in the interests of the two peoples of the Nile Valley.

It said the two sides have underlined in the meeting their relentless efforts to boost and strengthen these relations at all levels, referring to the huge success of the meeting of the joint Higher Ministerial Committee which was hosted by Cairo, Egypt, in October 2016.

The communique said the two sides have underlined the need to strengthen the continue coordination between the two ministries and the organizations and the institutions in the two countries with regards to the regional, international arenas.

The communique said the two sides have called on the media outlets to observe caution and prudence in transmitting news about the other country and work for maximizing the joint points between the two countries in a way that would foster the bonds of brotherhood and joint interests that would reflect positively on the two people who are linked with a common fate and bonds.

The two sides, it said, have also underlined the need for the institutions responsible for the media to meet and to sign a code of conduct that would hold high the supreme national interests of the two brotherly people.