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Dawalab calls for tough laws against delinquency and beggary

Khartoum, 9 July (SUNA)- The Minister for Social security and Development, Mashair Al-Dawalab, has called on all relevant ministries to play their role in the success of the campaign seeking to eradicate delinquency and mendicity and that the ministry of interior should have a leading role, assisted by some tough laws that regards beggary as illicit gain beside taking into account that most of the beggars are aliens and their presence in the Sudan is illegal.

The Minister has stressed that people should differentiate between persons who are in dire needs and those who take beggary as a profession. The Minister stressed that local communities have a role to play in combatting this phenomenon.

She said the states should be given a prime role in combatting beggary and in deciding who is beggar and who is needy.

She pointed out that children are used for begging in a manner that tantamount to human trafficking crime.

The minister pinpointed that there is a Fatwa that differentiate between a person begging because of a need and a professional beggar and that this Fatwa would be publicized.

The Minister referred to the role that could be played by the Ministry of Health in provision of health care for the delinquents and insane persons and placing them in psychiatric quarantines for treatment and follow up. She said this requires coordination and complementing each other.

The minister also pointed to the role of the Ministry of Education which could help along with the orientation centers, for preventing school drop-outing, helping with fostering family link and fighting violence against children that would push them into going out to the streets running away from family violence.

She also expressed her hope that there would be coordination among all those concerned so that what is in the best interest of the child be observed and implemented.