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Manan: We Committed to Provide All Possible Aid at Regional, International Levels to Combat Drugs

Khartoum, July 11 (SUNA) The Interior Minister, Gen. (police), Dr. Hamid Manan, has asserted the commitment to harnessing all capabilities and to work with the partners on both the regional and international levels for the drug combating.
During his address, Tuesday, the international day for drugs control, under the motto (life is brighter without drugs), he noted that the world governments and nations celebrate this day to be aware and raise awareness on the dangers of drugs.
He referred to a an inclusive prospect for the drugs problem to find creative solutions to the problem, indicating work of all the concerned organs to protect the country's youth, appreciating the efforts of the police drugs department, and the higher committee for the drugs combating in boosting the cooperation relations in this regard with the regional and international levels, and the coordination with factions of the civil community.
The chairman of the national committee for drugs control, Professor, Dafualla Al-Juzouli said the Sudan's people are still drug-fortified protected by their traditions and heritage.
He noted that the focus on the youth on raising awareness for their high percentage in the society 66% and are greatly affected by the dangers of drugs and because they are the future of the nation.
He added that among the committee's competence and powers is to prepare studies and research on the harmful effects of drugs, develop plans and programs, coordinate combating efforts, and coordinate the follow-up to international treaties and to participate in conferences.
He called for providing the committee with the necessary assistance to carry its works.
Gen. Awad Ahmed Al Jamal on his party appreciated the higher committee for the celebration of the international day for the drugs control, indicating the joint efforts by the relevant organs in the drugs combating has achieved great success.