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Foreign Ministry summons Libyan Charge D'Affaires to Sudan

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NC political sector: sanctions hurt the people directly

Khartoum, 17 July (SUNA)- The Political Sector within the National Congress party, chaired by the Deputy chairman of the party for Partisan Affairs, has stressed that the economic sanctions do affect the Sudanese people more than the government, saying the American administration bear the burden of the matter

The American sanctions do impact the Sudanese people directly more than the government of the Sudan, the meeting said, adding that the burden of such suffering would be placed on the American administration.

The deputy chairman of the sector, Dr. Imbeli Al Ajab pointed out that the party discussed during the meeting the extension of the sanctions review period for three month and the consequences of the sanctions on the people of the Sudan.

He said he meeting has stressed that the government would work seriously for boosting production and productivity and achieved self-reliance while at the same time work in collaboration with the friendly and sisterly countries for using the abundant resources and riches the country so as to alleviate the impact of these sanctions on the Sudanese people.