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Workshop on Gum Arabic Production, Prospects of Industry and Marketing Launched

Khartoum, Sept. 11 (SUNA) The Workshop on the Production of Gum Arabic, the Prospects of Industry and Marketing, launched Monday morning at the Green Hall of the National Assembly.
The workshop is organized by the council's committees of the industry, trade and investment, and agriculture, irrigation, animal resources and forests, in collaboration with the general qualitative cooperative union of the producers of natural gum which will continue for two days with the presence of a number of federal ministers, governors, deputies and heads of specialized committees s in the National Council and a number of producers and interested parties.
The workshop focuses on financing of producers of gum Arabic, modernize its production methods, the concern over the producers of gum and training them in different states that represent the gum belt, and the establishment of a portfolio for producers, the focus on manufacturing and production, raise the quality of gum Arabic, the adoption of incentive policies for the producers for its association with marketing , a matter that would contribute to increase the country's exports of gum Arabic, especially that 85% of the world's gum production comes from Sudan to maintain the global leadership in production of gum Arabic.
The workshop will tackle a number of papers, including a paper on the cooperative system and development of the executive sector of small producers, to presented by Professor Awadallah Ibrahim, a paper on environmental, economic and social effects of gum Arabic by Dr. Adam Mokhtar Ahmed Bilal, and a paper on the role of stakeholders in the development of the gum Arabic sector will be presented by dr. Isam Sideeg.