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Dawalab: Coming Stage will Witness Launching of Second Decade of Microfinance

Khartoum, Oct. 9 (SUNA) The Minister of Social Security and Development, Masha'air al-Dawalab asserted that the coming period will witness the launching of the second decade of the microfinance by the treatment of the challenges represented in provision of non-financial services, the training, consultations and the identification of the opportunities and comparative advantages of each of the Sudan's states.
During her address, Monday, at the Academy of Banking Sciences, the forum of the Financing of Microfinance of the States' Corporations, the Expected Future, the minister noted that there will be cooperation with all partners from the Sudan's Central Bank to implement this document to bush forward the microfinance that leads the process of the economic and social development.
She indicated the state's concern with the microfinance project, and the existence of a high level mechanism, the Supreme Council for Microfinance chaired by the First Vice President of the Republic.
The minister has pointed out to the importance of the second ten years of the microfinance project which, she said, represents a leap in the resolution of the number of challenges that have faced the project in its first decade, she made gesture on the need to link revolving money and good loan with microfinance, and the focusing on the livelihood issues, the development of small and micro enterprises and to introduce social security mechanisms in business development to generalize models in the second decade of microfinance.