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African Summit for Combat of Heart Disease to Begin Tomorrow in Khartoum

Khartum, Oct. 9 (SUNA) The African Summit for Combating Heart Diseases in the continent is due to begin session tomorrow, Tuesday, at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.
The summit will be chaired by the world heart association to design the policies and plans for the confrontation of the problems of the heart disease in the African continent, and will be attended by the African health ministers, the services providers and the World Health Organization WHO, which will be concluded by the Khartoum declaration for the combat and prevention from the heart diseases.
The Secretary General of the Sudanese Cardiologist Association, Dr. Ahmed Ali Sulieman indicated that the summit will be held on the 10 th and 11 the of October.
He added that Khartoum also hosts these days the conference of the Association of Cardiac Surgeons coincides with the African Cardiac Catheterization Conference and the World Heart Union Summit with the participation of the chairman of the Cardiac Associations of Europe, America, Canada, Africa and the rest of the world, as well as the participation of the international partners , a number of international and regional organizations such as the World Health Organization WHO, the United Nations, academics, researchers and experts in the region, the continent and the world.
He noted that the objective of the summit is to set priorities, and plans for the treatment of the heart disease in the Sudan, discuss number of important scientific papers related to the combat of heart diseases, including the identification of salt added to the food as it causes many chronic diseases such as pressure, the discussion of imposing taxes on soft drinks that negatively affect health, especially the children, in addition to a paper on the current state of services and their availability to citizens
Dr. Ahmed pointed out that the Khartoum Declaration on Heart disease is a joint one by the African Heart Societies, the WHO, the African Union and the organizations working on the health services in Africa working to set time targets for reducing and preventing heart disease.
The Secretary-General of the Sudanese Cardiologist Association said that the Scientific Conference of the African Cardiologist Association is held every two years in an African country, where the Sudan was chosen to host this year's conference for its participation in the previous scientific conferences and its location as joint between African sub-Saharan countries and North African countries.