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Conference of Islamic States Culture Ministers Approves Establishment of Sinnar Regional Center for Dialogue and Cultural Diversity

Sinnar, Nov. 22 (SUNA) The General Director of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization - ISESCO, dr. Abdul Aziz Osman al- Teujeri indicated that the 10 th Conference of the Culture Ministers of the Islamic states which has concluded session yesterday, Tuesday, has agreed on the establishment of the Sinnar Regional Center for Dialogue and Cultural Diversity in order to organize cultural, and intellectual dialogues in the two Arab and African regions.
During his address, Wednesday, to the mass rally on the occasion of the conclusion of the project of Sinnar Capital of the Islamic Culture, honored by the attendance of the First Vice President of the Republic, the National Prime Minister, lt. gen. Bakri Hassan Salih,, the Chairman of the Higher National Committee of the project, number of the federal officials and ministers from number of the Islamic states, he indicated that the Sudan has ever been sample of sobriety and moderation and, has achieved much by virtue of its good relations, expressing happiness for the lifting of the US economic sanctions.
Al-Touegeri has reviewed the program of the Islamic capitals, pointing out that the selection of Sinnar as capital for Islamic Culture for it had been an ancient capital for a great Islamic kingdom that had contributed in the spread of science, thoughts and guidance, as well as the prosperity of the civilization, stressing that the project of the Islamic capital is a good link to the past and present times, strengthen the nations memories and encourages cultural creation.