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Khartoum ministry of health announces AIDS voluntary check

Khartoum, 6 Dec. (SUNA)- The Khartoum State Ministry of Health has announced that the medical check it administered on over 7475 persons along with similar medical check on persons with Tuberculosis, have shown that some 16 out of the total are HIV/AIDS virus carriers.

The same study has shown that 6% of those affected with TB are HIV\AIDS virus carriers.

The Minister for Health Professor Mamoon Humaida, has pointed out that although the percentage is tiny indeed, still it shows the annual infection with the disease.

He said the study has shown that rate stands at 1% amongst each 5000 persons. But he stressed mother to child infection is insignificant.

The minister calls for voluntary check up on all persons in the country, saying the information of the check is confidential.

He said some of the infected persons have developed an evil attitude, because of the social stigma, and that the prevalence of the disease is among people in the age group 25-46 years. He said awareness raising among students in universities and other grouping continues.

The minister said people should be aware that AIDS has become like hypertension that is it becomes controllable and treatable.

Dr Ahmed Al Bashir, Head of the Preventive Medicine at the Ministry of health, Khartoum state, has meanwhile said for his ministry has set as a target the year 2030 in which no new case of AIDS would be registered in the country.

He said 90% of the cost of treatment of aids patients is being covered by the government.

He said the element that plays a negative role in this situation is that of the stigmatization and that people should work to enlighten youth and vulnerable groups in the country and outside the country.

He said the state hosts 146 centers for preventive and curative treatment in some 41 centers, and 6 mobile centers on prevention of transmission of the disease from mother to child against 6 centers for voluntary check and six other for primary health care and 6 centers specialized in provision of protection for people working in the health field.