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Research Center: Sudan imports over 200 million dollar worth of paper products

Khartoum, 6 Dec (SUNA)- The Director of the Engineering Research and material technology Institute, said the Sudan imports paper and woods materials worth over 200 million dollars annually.
The Center, an offshoot of the National Center for Research, pointed out in a paper about the Waste a fortune from Residues, said it was imperative for the time being that the country increases its production and its productivity. He said use could be made of the leftover from industries, wheat and other products residues, trunks and leaves of Sudanese groundnuts and leftover from printing press papers and that they could be recycled and used against particularly in the print press.
Dr Riffa Asham Alla director of the documentation, information and media center at the center added that there are numerous types of wastes which are all a treasures in themselves if used and recycled. Nihal Abdul Aziz a researcher has cited in her paper about electronic wastes the fact that the electronic waste contain huge resources and precious minerals.
Another paper by Lubna Tajul sir, has stressed the need to get rid of the wastes in a scientific and safe manner, particular the medical wastes. The paper said the local communities should be involved in the process and that any option for the treatment of the waste should be an environmental friendly approach.