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Abdul Rahman al -Sadig Gives Directives for Preparation of Projects of Organizing of Family Guidance Position

Khartoum, Dec. 7 (SUNA) The Assistant of the President of the Republic, Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman al Sadig al Mahdi has given directives for the authorities relevant to the family's affairs to prepare the projects of organization of the provision of the family guidance, and to level up the concerned mechanisms with the family's affairs in the center and states to enable it carry its role towards the families.

During his address, Thursday, at the Friendship Hall to the celebration of the National and Arabic Family's Day, and the launching of the Sudan's initiative on the family strategy for the Islamic Organization for Cooperation IOC member states, organized by the Ministry of Security and Social Development under the motto (a leading safe family for a pioneer nation), he underscored the Sudan's support to the Sudanese and Arabic families via a number of projects in order to enable it to face the challenges, boost its program through a mechanism for the stability of the Arabic family.
The President Assistant has warned of the negative use of the technology by the young people, calling for solution to preserve the Islamic values.
He noted to the institutional legislative arrangements made by the Sudan to preserve the family's cohesion, and the integration of the family in the states quarterly millennium's strategy, besides a number of the supportive program to the Sudanese families.
He lauded efforts of the organizations of the Arabic family, the IOC, for the family's welfare, calling for the family protection to realize the sustainable family prosperity.