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Muslim brothers in Sudan: American decision to transfer embassy to Jerusalem opens the door for difficult options

‎Khartoum, 7 Dec (SUNA) - The Muslim Brothers Group in Sudan on Thursday issued a statement saying the USA decision to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem, will open the door for difficult option to ceiling of which nobody could predict.

The Muslim Brothers' statement stressed that the Muslim Nation and the free people of the world would resist this American move by all means and ways that guarantee rights and respond to the unjust.

The statement said the might of right would undo the injustice and "volcanos of rage spurred by such a decision would sweep away every wrongful aggressor".

The Muslim Brothers group has called on the American people to prevent those of their leaders who are agents to Israel from threatening the American national security and to refrain from drawing into enmity one and half billion Muslims around the world.

The group called on the median to mobilize the streets to stand together in one line against the implementation of the decision.

The group described the American decision to transfer the USA embassy to Jerusalem as "a dangerous step that would beget catastrophic consequences undermining the world peace and security" saying this decision was also eclipsing the Arab and Islamic entity and is a flagrant violation for international laws that consider Palestine an occupied territory. It said the decision also set the foundation for the establishment of a Jewish state on racial basis.