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Islamic Movement rejects Trump decision recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli's Capital

Khartoum, 7 Dec. (SUNA) - The Islamic Movement said it "totally rejects" the USA president decision which recognizes Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

In a statement it issued here on Thursday the Islamic movement said Trump's decision contravenes UN resolutions on Jerusalem, a fragrant violation of the Palestinian people rights, a provocation to people of faith, a threat to international peace and security, shall have serious repercussions on peace and stability of the region.

The movement said it has been following with great concern the intentions of the American administration towards the Palestinian cause and the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as well as Washington's intention to transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

It said the American administration could not have dared to discrete the Muslims sanctities had it not been to the weakness of the Islamic nation, its current divisions and warring.

It said this would require the unity of the Muslim nation and its paying attention the enemy plans that stand ready to attack the nation and its unity

The statement said the American decision is a challenge to the will of the Muslim nation on all corners of the world and a desecration of the sanctity of one of the major sacred Mosques for the Muslim faithful.

The statement said the American decision stands as a new aggression against the Islamic nation and a violation to the international and humanitarian decision on Jerusalem.

The statement said the Islamic movement calls on the Arab League and the Islamic Cooperation Organization to lead this rejection.

It called for rejection of all attempts seeking to normalize relations and to appear weak vis-a-vis the enemy that observe no commitment or engagement and observe no resolution or tool

It urged all political, popular and other forces to expand their circle of rejection for this American decision by all media means and by all popular and public action.