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Islamic Fiqh Academy Announces rejection to US Decision to transfer capital of Israel to Jerusalem

Khartoum, Dec. 7 (SUNA) - The Islamic Fiqh Academy announced, Thursday, its rejection of the US decision to transfer the capital of the Zionist entity to Jerusalem, calling on the Arab and Islamic regimes to "wake up" and get out of the state of helplessness and submissiveness to take stances that preserve the honor of the nation .
The Head of the Islamic Figh Academy, Dr. Issam Ahmed Al-Basher told SUNA the decision of the US President represents flagrant aggression to the rights of the Palestinians and all the Islamic Nation, describing the move as, and a desperate attempt to obliterate the identity of Quds and Judaize its holy sites and displace its residents .
He called on the Muslims and the free people in the world to up rise to reject the unjust decision .