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Tripartite Partnership to Attract Foreign Tourists to South Kordufan State

Khartoum, Dec. 22 (SUNA) A tripartite coordinative meeting was held, Friday, at the residence of Kadoguli Capital of Sudanese Heritage in Khartoum, between the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of South Kordufan state, and the Austrian Action Rennes and ABA Development organizations, for the formation of a tripartite partnership for the tourism promotion and the attraction of foreign tourists to the state.
The Secretary General of the States 'Culture Ministry, Dr. Ali Ibrahim, noted in press statements, following the meeting, it was agreed on the coming of the two organizations to the state to inspect the tourism capabilities and potentials, the wild life and their promotion, the attraction of tourists, the transfer of the local cultures and heritage to Europe, the transfer of the Austrian experiment in the touristic field via the exchange of visits, and the signing of a memo of understanding in this regard.
He noted that is a step in the framework of the cooperation and partnerships with the local and foreign organizations concerned with the tourism work to develop tourism in the region.
The Director-General reviewed a number of tourist areas, archaeological sites and incentives for tourism attractions in the state. He stressed that the Ministry has focused in its plan for the year 2018 on the need to make the most benefit of tourism on the background of the declaration of the tourism federal minister of the state as a touristic states, and it is open to tourists, during his participation in the 2 nd festival of South Kordufan for tourism, investment and shopping last July.
In this context, the representative of Austrian Action Rennes organization, Dr. Edis Philippe, highlighted the areas of the organization's work in tourism, training, capacity development and, the primary and reproductive health.
Noting that the organization has similar experiences in the states of Blue Nile and the Red Sea, Stressing determination to transfer its experiences to the entire state of South Kordufan and, to benefit from the prevalence of security and stability the state is witnessing to provide some services and development and to promote its potential and tourism capabilities and attract foreign tourists to the state.
the Director of ABA Development organizations, Amani Abdulla Kalefi, confirmed her cooperation with Action Rennes organization in the areas of development and tourism in a number of states, noting that her organization would enter into a genuine tripartite partnership to promote tourism, attract foreign tourists to South Kordufan, introduce the culture and heritage of the region to the outside world as well as providing primary and reproductive health services and development of women and children in the state.