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President Bashir commends Turkey stands in support of Sudanese questions

Khartoum, 24 Dec. (SUNA) - President Omar Bashir on Sunday commended the positions taken by Turkey in support of the Sudanese questions, and in particular Turkey's stands and huge efforts in Darfur and for achieving peace and stability there.

The president pointed out that the assistance provided by Turkey in construction of model villages in Darfur and prepositioning of humanitarian assistance, establishing hospitals and securing development assistance have all played a clear role in pushing forwards eh peace process and in achieving stability in the region.

President Bashir pointed out during the joint round of talks held at the Sudanese Republican Palace on Sunday with his Turkish counterpart, Reccep Tayyib Erdogan.

That Sudan is moving forwards in sure steps for achieving the development projects in the area in light of the outcome of the National Dialogue which formed the overall context of the political process and for aching sustainable peace and stability in the region.

The president stressed that the Sudan continues to play a positive role in conflict resolutions in the region for achieving a lasting peace and stability in the region, among and between the various parties, as well as the country's efforts for combating terrorism and illegal trafficking

He further referred to the strategy followed by turkey in Africa which enjoys huge natural and human resources.

He said givent he geopolitical position of the Sudan in the region would be a continuum for genuine partnership with the continent of Africa.

He said the partnership between the Sudan and Turkey would be boosted by their joint objectives towards development, peace and stability in Africa.

He said the Sudan considers Turkey as the last khalifadom of the Islamic khilafa and its symbolism of uniting the Muslim world, but at the same time it stands out as a modern and advanced state that is a model to be followed in development and economic progress under the wise leadership of President Tayyib Erdogan.

He pointed out to the common bonds linking the Sudan and Turkey as both belong to the great Islamic nation, commending the role and efforts exerted by Turkey in support of Islam and Islamic questions, reaffirming the inalienable stands of the sudan towards the overall causes of the nation until it achieves its aspiration of glory and dignity.