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Dr. Dirar: There is no increase in gasoline price in 2018 budget

Khartoum, Jan. 1, 2018 (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning Dr. Abdul-Rahman Dirar has stressed that there was no increase in the price of gasoline in the 2018 budget, announcing exemption of 63% of Sudan imports from customs duties.
Speaking at a press conference Tuesday at the Ministry of Information, Dr. Dirar said that the price of the customs dollar, which was approved in the current budget, conformed to the country's exchange rate of 18 pounds for one dollar, adding that it does not negatively affect the price level.
The minister pointed out to the commodities exempted from the custom duties including sugar, oil, wheat, lentils, rice, beans, tea and children's milk powder as well as the capital goods such as tractors, water pumps, irrigation machineries, soil equipment, gold drilling machines, mills for different uses and production lines, referring to the goods exempted according to the regional agreements such as COMESA.
Dr. Dirar pointed out to the exemption of vegetables, edible oils, carpentry workshops, presses, saws, computers, human and veterinary pharmaceutical machines from the value added tax and customs.
The State Minister at the Ministry of Finance said that the reductions in customs duties in the budget of 2018 for the transport sector amounted to 10%, in addition to full exemption of tires and aspirants for the sector, stressing the significant role of the Consumer Protection Association in price control, explaining that the policy of economic liberalization does not mean chaos.