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Sudan Scholars Association: Genius of nation made the Sudanese society create Khalawi and host the reciters of Holy Quran

Khartoum, Jan.8 (SUNA) - Professor Ibrahim Al-Karouri, Secretary-General of the Sudan Scholars Association, said that the genius of the nation has made the Sudanese society create of the khalawi (Quranic schools) and host the reciters of the Holy Book of Allah .
He said in a press statement to SUNA, Monday, that the activities of the Khartoum International Award for the Holy Quran, which is scheduled to start tomorrow, Tuesday, in Riyadh, with the participation of 51 countries and 72 competitors representing the different countries of the world, come as a culmination of this popular and community effort to ensure continuity of this process .
He explained that the hosting of the events of this award is a sincere expression of the love of this nation to celebrate the Quran and its people, pointing out that the Sudanese nation has endeavored to preserve the Quran and its service. This award is a national, regional and global expression of that diligence, pointing to the great role that can be played in the award Meanings of moderation in Islam and the fight against extremism and intellectual deviations .
Al-Karouri has called the giving due concern to religious institutions including Khalawi, Maseed and Sheikhs .