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Prof. Homeida: Bloody Infection is the most common cause of death

Khartoum, Jan.30 (SUNA) - The Minister of Health of the State of Khartoum, Prof. Mamoun Homeida, has revealed that there are 611 intensive care beds in state hospitals and 143 intensive care for children, explaining that the state of Khartoum receives a large number of state's patients .
Dr. Homida, addressing SUNS Forum, Tuesday, has underlined that intensive care units need special care, and that the blood infection disease transmits very quickly among the patients .
The disease is a concern for doctors in the intensive care rooms due to lack of hand washing and sterilization, calling for spread of culture of hand washing among Medical, health and community cadres .
Dr. Kamal Othman Mirghani, head of the Sudanese and African Society to combat bloody infection, said that the elimination of bloody infection needs the efforts of everyone and the need to highlight the culture of hand washing before any examination of the patient, revealing that the awareness campaign, against the disease, will be launched next May among media professionals, doctors, youth, women and intellectuals . That inflammation is caused by delays in the treatment of diseases of pneumonia, urine and blood, making it difficult to cure and cause death even in developed countries .
Dr. Tarek El-Hadi pointed out that the infection of the blood has become resistant to all drugs, causing the deaths in an alarming way because they are transmitted through blood, calling for the importance of the use of antibiotics after the doctor's prescription .