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UK ambassador says his country supports peace process in the Sudan

Khartoum, 11 Feb (SUNA) - UK ambassador to the Sudan, Michael Aron on Sunday said his country fully supports peace realization in the Sudan in particular, and in the African region, in general.

The ambassador pointed in statements following his meeting with the Minister for Information, Dr Ahmed Bilal Osman, to the need to achieve peace in the Sudan and in the African region in generals saying his country, through its troika membership along with the USA, and Norway, backs the efforts exerted by the African Union High level implementation Panel led by President Thabo Mbeki.

However he said he was disappointed that the latest meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, did not culminate in achieving peace with the SPLA-North.

He has nonetheless stressed he was optimistic this year would see the realization of peace in the two areas as well as in Darfur and that he was of the view that the conditions are ripe for achieving peace, coupled with the clear and positive attitude and will of the government of the Sudan.

He expressed his hope that the leadership of rebel movement would observe the same will, as consideration should be taken about the fact that the peoples in the two regions and in Darfur want peace and that his country, the UK would help with such endeavor to achieve peace.

He said his meeting with the minister also dwelt on the coming election, 2020, and stressed the need to involve all political parties in the process and that his country stand ready to help with the elections which he said his country expects to be fair and free.

The ambassador said the meeting also discussed the current economic and political situation in the Sudan and that the minister has said Sudan, with the huge resources in sits on, will overcome the current economic situation in the country.

He said he has discussed with the minister the possible return of the BBC via FM Sudan.

He also pointed out that freedom of the press in the Sudan was relatively better than other countries in the region, saying he minister has meanwhile assured him that the government is keen to remove all hurdles and challenges facing the press in the country.