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Minister of Communications: Electricity moves from technology systems application to performance improvement and continuous modernization

Khartoum, Feb. 12 (KUNA) - The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Dr. Tahani Abdullah Attiya has hailed the efforts of the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity in the implementation of e. government guidelines.
The minister said that the electricity services has witnessed a great development as a result of the ministry's keeping up with the modern systems in the field of information technology, pointing out that the Ministry of Electricity has moved from the application of technology systems to the performance improvement through continuous updating and keeping pace. The Minister commended the efforts of the cadres of the Ministry of Electricity in the design of the first Sudanese counter device, pointing out that it is an unprecedented achievement that confirms the ability of Sudanese cadres to innovate and invent, stressing that the huge data managed by the Ministry of Electricity helps to conduct scientific and social studies nationwide.
For his part, the Minister of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Mutaz Musa Abdullah praised the cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. He said that the use of technology and information in the field of electricity, water resources and irrigation has shared in the promotion and development of services in all sectors of the ministry starting from monitoring the flow of the Nile over 15 minutes in a permanent manner a day as well as the application of satellite systems in some irrigation sections of, which contributed to the increase of production by 42% through sending text messages to the famers to determine the number of irrigation times of their crops.
Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of Irrigation at the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity Engineer Hassabal-Nabi Musa stressed that the use of technology in the linking and operating the irrigation pumps contribute to the improvement and promotion of performance, explaining that all irrigation sites are now directed by mobile to follow up the levels of irrigation.