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FM: Dialogue with the US to be resumed soon

Khartoum, 22 Feb (SUNA) - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday said the second phase of dialogue with the US administration to begin soon.

The Undersecretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ambassador Abdul Ghani Naim, said each of the two sides has its concerns but the two will sit down and discuss all issues of concern and will agree on a process that will set the requirements from each side and that the two will follow the same methodology applied in the first phase.

He said Sudan's concern at this stage include lifting the name of the Sudan from the list of states accused of sponsoring international terrorism, the trade and the accumulated debts services on the country which were supposed to have been written off immediately upon the secession of south Sudan.

On the Sudanese Egyptian relations, the Undersecretary said these were very important relations between the two sides but said whatever problems there are between the two countries they have to be resolved within the context of the various joint Sudanese Egyptian committees.

He said the return of the Sudanese ambassador to Egypt would be announced on time.

He said Sudan is keen to have good relations with all its neighbors. He referred to crossing points between Sudan and Egypt and between the Sudan and Chad which he said exports many of its exports through Sudan's Red Sea port and that the same applied to South Sudan.

On relations with Eritrea he said the embassies in the two countries work normally.