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FVP commends development projects implemented in Gazira state

Medani, 23 Feb (SUNA) - The First Vice President of the Republic, Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Salih has commended the development projects implemented in Gazira State, central Sudan, saying they were unprecedented and set a record for other to follow.

He referred to 244 projects implemented by the government of Central Sudan's Gazira State Governor, Mohamed Tahir Ailah, saying the projects covered all areas with stress on roads that constitute the locomotive for development anywhere.

The First Vice President and the Federal Prime Minister, along with senior political, military and executive officials, attended a briefing presented by the government of Gezira on the projects implemented and its future programme.

He further referred to health projects and the environment set by the government there for those working in the medical and health domain. He said this was a full implementation of the federal government policy of localizing health and medical service

The Vice president said this year's high productivity and promising cotton yields have shown that the Gezira Agricultural Project was now gaining its health and rebounding.

He said Sudanese engineers who operated the weaving factories have to be commended for their efforts notwithstanding that the machines were dilapidated

The governor on his part said what has been presented to the meeting was a tiny portion of what is planned and carried out. He said a number of other development projects will be implanted during the 2018 fiscal and that more investment would be lured to come to the state.