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Changes within the Army leadership announced

Khartoum, 28 Feb (SUNA) - The President of the Republic and The Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces, Field Marshal Omar Hassan Ahmed Al Bashir on Wednesday issued a number of decisions according to which limited changes within Staff leadership have been effected and a number of officers promoted from the ranks of Major General to the ranks of Lieutenant General.

According to the decisions of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Field Marshal Bashir, Major General Kamal Abdul Maroof Al Mahi has been appointed Chief of Staff replacing Lt Gen. Imad Eddin Mustafa Adawi, and Major Gen Ali Mohamed Salim, the State Minister for Defense, has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General while Lt Gen Aviation Isam Eddin Al Mubarak Habeeb, was promoted to the rank of Lt Gen and appointed Deputy Chief of Staff replacing LT Gen Yahia Mohamed Khair Ahmed.

Meanwhile Major Gen Al Sir Hussein Bashir Hamid was promoted to the rank of Lt Gen. and appointed to the post of Inspector General of the Armed Forces

Within the same context major General Abdul Fatah Al Burhan Abdul Rahman was appointed Chief of the Land Forces and Gen Aviation Salah Eddin Abdul Khaliq Saeed was promoted to the rank of Major Gen and appointed Chief of the Air Forces of the Naval Forces.

Gen. Abdalla Al Matari Al Faradi was promoted to the rank of Major General and appointed Chief of the Naval Forces replacing Gen Fatah al Rahaman Mohi Eddin Salih while Gen Hashim Abdul Mutalib Ahmed Babikir, was appointed Chief of Joint Operations replacing Gen Saad Mohamed Al Amin Al Hajj. General Adam Haroon Idri was promoted to the rank of Major Gen and appointed Chief of Staff for Land Forces Operations.

General Mohamed Munti Anjar was promoted to the post of Major General and appointed Deputy Chief for Administration with the Land Forces

General Dr Osman Mohamed Al Aghbash was promoted to the rank of Major General for Moral Guidance and Services.

The Official Spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed Al Shami, said these decisions come within the context of the regular changes within the leadership of the Armed Forces in line with the armed forces act for 2007, amended 2013.