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Dr Faisal outlines the future National Congress policies

Atbara, 28 Feb. (SUNA) - The Assistant of the President of the Republic, and the Vice president of the National congress for party affairs, Dr Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, on Thursday underlined the coming period requires huge efforts in the political life of the country.

Dr Faisal pointed out that this means doubling efforts for completing drafting of the Sudan permanent constitution, naming the various commissions as agreed upon in the document of the National accord, as well as preparing a conducive political climate that would bring closer all and do away with exclusionist rhetorics.

Dr Faisal told an opening sitting of the forum of the Secretaries for Women affairs in the party, currently taking place in Atbara, that it was imperative to maintain the gains made through credibility and implementation of the outcomes of the National Dialogue and its ensuing documents.

He said the party should also work, accordingly, to build confidence and a stronger national will.

He said the NC has taken a decision to advance by one calendar year the convening of the party organizational conference and that as of this year the party will start its structuring process, in place of next year as previously set.

He said the structuring is a huge process the party needs in order to review and stand on previous position so as to overcome points of weakness and build on the huge positive points.

He also stressed the need to reinvigorate the basic congresses of the party and to organize training sessions for the party in all walks of life, so as to prepare the party for the coming general and presidential elections of 2020.

He said the membership of the party has been settled via the national record document.

He directed that party apparatus should count membership and census members in all state and press for payment of membership fees and subscriptions. He said the party should work to recruit new members and expand its membership.

He also instructed the conference to work on issues related to the empowerment of women in weaker areas within the war affected regions and that the participants should focus on peace and peace realization which, he stressed, should be present in all the deliberations of the meetings.

He has meanwhile commended the efforts exerted by the outgoing deputy president of the party, Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid within the party and at home as well as his peace efforts all along the past period.

He said members and leadership of the party exchange places but the party's methods and principles remain unchangeable.

He directed that if the party has accepted to hold dialogue with others, it was all but logical for it to accept dialogue and differences of visions within the party, in accordance with the regulations and the rules set, and that the overall aim is to better the party for perfecting its performance.