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Kassala Governor: Smugglers enemies of homeland

Kassala, 11 April (SUNA)- The Governor of Kassala state, on Wednesday described those involved in smuggling goods and illegally dealing in the basic commodities as "thieves and enemies of the homeland"

Adam Jamma Adam, said strict measures are prerequisite to deny those seeking to sneak out citizens basic commodities and that an "iron fist" policies be applied against those smugglers.

He said anyone involved in this practice is considered "a thief and an enemy to the homeland."

The governor was addressing a unit of the National Security and Intelligence Service in the state which foiled an attempt to smuggle huge quantities of petroleum material and basic commodities out of the state to a neighboring country

He said the national government pays huge subsidies to back up provision of those commodities to the people while the weak spirited smugglers try to take them outside the country and to undermine the government efforts and cause shortages and stir unrest through creation of scarcity.

He said it was imperative to encourage cooperation between security, police and citizens and civil society to stave off such plans of smuggling and score such success.

Major, security, Abdul Aziz Tayeb, pointed out that the commodities seized included some 9000 liters of gasoline and more that 150 sacks of sugar and over 330 sacks of wheat flour.

He said the seizure operation was carried out recenly by a joint force in the state.