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Police check point seizes a priceless archeological master piece in central Sudan

Khartoum, 13 April (SUNA) - A police checkpoint carrying out a routine check has found a priceless gold statue dating back to the pre-Christian Nubian kingdoms, it was announced here Friday.

Brigadier Mohamed Salah, Director of cross points control department, said while carrying out ordinary checks at a police crossing point in Hajjar Assal area, three persons mounting on pick up tried to avoid the check thus raising the suspicion with the unit.

Upon searching the pick up the unit stumbled over a priceless pure gold sculpture whose market value is put at 18 billion Sudanese pounds, not to mention its archeological and historical value, brigadier Salah said.

He said while legal action is being taken, the Archeological and Museums Department is notified for further investigation about the nature of the historical effigy and how it ended up into the hands of the smugglers.