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Minister of Trade: Importation of Commodities Opened for Avoiding Rarity in Commodities

Khartoum, May 8 (SUNA)- The Minister of Trade, Hatim Al-Sir, pointed out that his ministry has opened the door for importation of commodities, through a directive from the economic sector of the Council of Ministers, with the aim to avoid rarity in commodities.
Responding to an urgent query at the National Assembly, Al-Sir affirmed that all commodities are available for Ramadan month at reasonable prices.
He pointed to campaigns being launched by the ministry and the concerned organs for combating the unjustifiable increase of prices at the markets.
He referred to obliging the importers, producers and sellers to announce and to put cards showing the prices of commodities, besides establishment of an organ to monitor the prices at markets.
He also pointed to presentation of amendments to the National Assembly in the Consumer Protection Act.