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Sudan's gold production in 2018 1st quarter stand at 36.5 tones

Khartoum, 8 May (SUNA)- The Sudan gold production in the first quarter of the 2018 fiscal scored 36.5 tons of which the companies put up 4,5 tones while the tradition mining has come up with 32 tons, fetching 784.5 million Sudanese pounds.

A statement by the Ministry of Minerals before the national Assembly on Tuesday said in its review of the last quarter of 2017 and the first quarter of current fiscal year 2018.

The state Minister for Minerals, Osheik Mohamed Tahir, said the ministry also signed 6 new agreement on gold exploration and other mineral and that it granted some 94 license for gold mining and 11 contract for companies to handle mining residues while at the same time put some other 11 minerals for investment opportunities.

The minister revealed that over five million people around the country have benefited from the gold prospection and production

The MPs have meanwhile called for opening the door for prospection and production on other minerals and for putting in place more vigorous rules and measures on gold investment and production in the country.